At Altr, our mission is to provide a quick and easy solution to daily skin problems, to help you look and feel better in your day-to-day life. All our products are environmentally friendly, and are designed to help skin long-term. We are committed to an inclusive, revolutionary, attitude to cosmetics. Join our already 50,000 strong community!

I started a men's makeup brand due to personal skincare problems. Suffering from issues ranging from acne to eczema, I tried numerous pharmaceutical and medical solutions, but to no avail.

A female friend of mine recommended a concealer, and non-irritable moisturiser. After trying the products I thought they were great, and really helped in overcoming confidence issues, but they weren't quite right for my skin type, and none of the brands available spoke to me as a guy in my mid-20's.

Alex Doyle, Founder


All Altr products are designed with simplicity in mind, from purchase to application. Our formulations focus on blend so you get a natural, undetectable finish in minutes. We use active ingredients that help remove excess oil, dirt and grime from the skin, which are a prime cause of breakouts. Our skincare products are anti-pollutant, protecting against environmental damage from living in the city. So Altr leaves your skin feeling as amazing as it looks! 



All of our products are UK made and cruelty free, meaning no animal testing! We're committed to being environmentally conscious, with our packaging ethically sourced and recyclable after use. Keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum.