Whiskey Infused Moisturiser

  • £11.99
  • £10.99
Key Features:
  • A creamy, rich, moisturiser designed for problem and sensitive skin.
  • Intoxicating sweet bourbon scent.
  • Combination of premium, active ingredients and tightening agents such as witch hazel and cocoa butter to specifically combat problem skin.
  • Formulated to prevent irritation post-shave, and to minimise pores long-term. 
  • Essential oils and vitamins provide a cooling, fresh-faced feel, while a subtle whiskey extract helps your skin absorb the goodness.
  • Vitamin E and anti-oxidants reduce environmental and pollution damage to skin from day-to-day life in the city. 
  • Sunscreen properties for protection throughout the day!
  • Vegan, cruelty free, and made in the UK with recyclable packaging!

How To Use:

  • Apply after washing/ shaving
  • Massage evenly into face and neck area
  • Only small amount required so lasts longer!
Key Ingredients:
  • Witch Hazel: One of nature’s best astringents that has found several uses in herbal medicine and is renowned for its skin soothing properties. It has a cooling effect. Perfect for sensitive skin!
  • Cocoa Butter: Contains Vitamin E, in addition to various other moisturising agents. It also serves as a natural antioxidant, minimsing damage to the skin. Works quickly and effectively to keep skin soft and supple. 
  • Whiskey Extract: Derived from the finest whiskey, this extract helps to make the cream feel lighter, while also allowing other ingredients to penetrate the skin, meaning you get deeper and lasting skin benefits! 

         Read the full list of ingredients here. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    Loved this moisturiser, makes my skin feeling great

    Fantastic! Nourishing, non-greasy, smooth

    I've used ALTR products for a while now and have found that the whiskey infused moisturiser works fantastically on my skin. Its smooth and rich, feels very nourishing and refreshing on the skin, but isn't greasy like other moisturisers I've used. As a result my T-zone is better and I've had less spots/blemishes. Very pleased with the results.

    The smoothest my face has ever felt.

    I love this moisturizer I've never had anything as good. It applies easily and my skin feels and looks great after it. It's easily the best I've ever tried.

    Good product for your buck

    Love this needed a good moisturizer and figured I would try this. Really does a good job, and doesnt leave your face oily

    Not even worth the discount price.

    I managed to pick this up for £4.99 while it was on promotion and thank goodness I did.

    It really feels cheap. I’ve used moisturisers for less than a fiver that feel and smell a lot better, in my hands while I’m applying it and on my face when I’m done. I’m unsure what a previous reviewer meant what they said when they mentioned how it ‘smells great’ it has no scent other than a cheap chemical one.

    When I was 13 I received an Avengers washbag gift set (it was about £5 in most supermarkets) it included a moisturiser and the feel and the smell of this product matches that to a tee.

    If you can pick this up for £5 or less, you’ve probably got your moneys worth, more or less. But don’t, and I repeat don’t pay £11 for this.