On the Road Kit by Triumph & Disaster

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What's Included:

1x TFL Wash 30ml (Body & Face Wash)

1x Ritual Face Cleanser 30ml

1x Game Face Moisturiser 30ml

1x Old Fashioned Shave Cream 30ml

 "A fantastic set for travelling to keep your skin fresh on the go. The On the Road Kit by Triumph & Disaster contains 4 sample size skincare products, perfect if you haven't tried the range before."

More about the products:

YLF Wash - an all-purpose wash that covers the face and body containing amazing natural ingredients including Rosewood, Kawakawa, Jojoba and Argan.

Ritual Face Cleanser - a lightweight cleanser which doesn't irritate your skin. Perfect for everyday use. 

Old Fashioned Shave Cream -The perfect shaving cream for a super smooth and unbeatable close shave. Rich in natural oils and active agents including coconut oil.

Gameface Moisturiser - A hydrating moisturiser that will leave your skin looking and feeling great. Natural ingredients including ojoba, Ponga fern (Cyathea Cumingii) and Horopito (Pseudowintera Colorata.)

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Perfect for travelling

Love this, take it with whenever I go abroad, perfect size