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  • Wellness Week 🌈

        Hands up, who else has been eating, drinking, and spending their way through this lockdown? 🙈 And with the cold, my exercise levels have been at an all-time low. So I thought it a good idea to create a wellness plan for this week, to get back on track for when we're out of lockdown. Here's m... View Post
  • So we're back in lockdown again, and it eerily feels like we're back in March 2020 again, but it's even darker, and colder this time around. ❄️  Plus I think everyone's had enough of online exercise classes (sorry Joe!), banana bread, and Tiger King by now. 🙈 So here's a new updated list for what... View Post
  • It’s known as "beauty sleep" for a reason. And, when we don't get enough shut eye, it can wreak havoc on our skin. Fortunately, Phil Lawlor — a sleep expert with memory foam mattress brand Dormeo — stopped by to clue us in on the science behind sleep and skin health, as well as share a few tips f... View Post