The Altr Ego

  •     When I founded Altr, I began with the vision that somewhere in the near future, ‘soft’ cosmetics such as concealer and bb cream, would become every day, every guy, types of products.  2 years ago, we commissioned a survey with One Poll about men wearing cosmetics in the UK. The survey confi... View Post
  •     This is part 2 of a series, read part 1 here. While the idea was in place, actually starting the business, as is usually the case, proved more difficult than anticipated. Rather than list all of the boring details and experiences that I went through, instead I will list my top five tips for... View Post
  •     Hey everyone, given we’re in lockdown and I have a bit more free time than usual, I thought I'd write a quick blog piece giving you a peak behind the scenes of Altr, why I started it, and my thoughts around the industry. This first post will outline the reasons why I started the business. I... View Post