The Altr Ego

  • The end is (hopefully) in sight! It feels like there's genuinely a chance of a steady return to normality from April onwards.  While overall lockdown life has been stressful, and let's face it, boring, there are some elements that we will miss, and i'm sure many of us will regret not taking more ... View Post
  • Wellness Week 🌈

        Hands up, who else has been eating, drinking, and spending their way through this lockdown? 🙈 And with the cold, my exercise levels have been at an all-time low. So I thought it a good idea to create a wellness plan for this week, to get back on track for when we're out of lockdown. Here's m... View Post
  • So we're back in lockdown again, and it eerily feels like we're back in March 2020 again, but it's even darker, and colder this time around. ❄️  Plus I think everyone's had enough of online exercise classes (sorry Joe!), banana bread, and Tiger King by now. 🙈 So here's a new updated list for what... View Post