Wellness Week 🌈



Hands up, who else has been eating, drinking, and spending their way through this lockdown? 🙈 And with the cold, my exercise levels have been at an all-time low. So I thought it a good idea to create a wellness plan for this week, to get back on track for when we're out of lockdown. Here's my 6 step plan, feel free to join me!

 1. Cut out sugar 

Easier said than done but it is amazing when you stick to it. Us Brits are sugar guzzlers, and it can lead to obesity, and a number of chronic illnesses. Cutting it out however can lead to you feeling amazing, with reports suggesting reducing sugar can actually help with depression.

2. Early morning exercise

Personally, i'm always at my most productive after an early morning run, or some yoga first-thing. Hitting the shower after an active start to the day gets my mind going too, leading to healthier, more productive days.

3. Mindfulness

This is a cliche these days, but it works, clear your mind, concentrate on your thoughts in the moment and you might just find your anxieties drift away. I try and do this around mid-afternoon, when I find my attention span wandering and productivity waning.

4. Get Back into Grooming

Some of my grooming habits since Christmas have been...questionable🙈. But it's time to get back on it before we come out of lockdown, we're talking beard trimming, moisturise and cleanse every day and cut those toenails! 

5. Financial Wellness

Time to look after the money we've been saving up over lockdown, whether that's opening up a savings account or an investment portfolio.

6. Enjoy Local.

Our local areas have been our saviours over the past year. But when lockdown is lifted we'll be booking a foreign holiday as fast as our broadband speed will let us! So, get those 10k steps in, and try to make it a habit. Our local park is the backdrop of our life, so we should appreciate it.