Hydration is key 
Rich in Vitamin E, our moisturiser helps brighten dull under-eyes by regenerating new skin cells.
Apply in the morning, massaging across face & neck for a refreshing start to the day!

Add Blemish Balm

Perfect for brightening the full-face

Use Blemish Balm to create an even finish, apply using a damp blender and dab evenly across the face to brighten appearance and leave skin looking and feeling fresh.




So long, dark circles
Brighten the under-eyes with your trusty, pocket-sized concealer.
No one ought to know what you got up to last night. With a creamy consistency, it's super easy to apply over our Blemish Balm. Perfect for those extra deep dark-circles.
Just use your ring finger and dab Face Fix gently under eyes till it's blended with an undetectable finish.