So we're back in lockdown again, and it eerily feels like we're back in March 2020 again, but it's even darker, and colder this time around. ❄️ 

Plus I think everyone's had enough of online exercise classes (sorry Joe!), banana bread, and Tiger King by now. 🙈

So here's a new updated list for what's hopefully a short, and final, lockdown. 🤞

1. Invest in your hobbies

When working from home it can be really tough to switch off. Work and life can become seemingly merged leading to an unhealthy balance, creating stress and exhaustion. It's therefore important to have a proper 'get-away' hobby to help take your mind off it all. Investing in that will help provide a much better balance to your lockdown life. 

2. Treat yourself to the little things

Given we can't waste (enjoy) our money in restaurants, pubs, and bars at the moment, you can afford to treat yourself a bit more when it comes to the food/drink you consume at home. So go for that fancy IPA you've always wanted to try!

3. Subscribe to a Paper/Magazine

Lockdown has naturally meant a lot more screen time for many of us. It's worth investing in magazine or newspaper that you can get to regularly drag your eyes away from the dreaded screen. Otherwise we might all be coming out of this lockdown needing a trip to Specsavers!

4. Prepare for post-lockdown life.

While it might feel like it at the moment, this lockdown life won't last forever, and the roll-out of the vaccine means genuine optimism can be had that this lockdown will be the last. Now is the time to start planning your post-lockdown life, whether that be a new skincare routine (hint hint), or preparing for a trip away with friends/loved ones.