Spring Skin Tips

Phew, Winter is finally behind us! The sun's starting to come out, the days are getting longer, and the weather's getting warmer. While many skin tips are applicable all year round, the changing of the seasons can mean extra emphasis on certain elements, and incorporating some new ones!

1) Sunscreen! 

A big one to factor in all year round of course, but particularly when it gets to spring, you should be incorporating some form of sunscreen into your morning routine! This will help prevent long-term damage to the skin cells. Our moisturiser contains sunscreen to the effect of spf15, but it might be worth adding some stronger stuff on top!


2) Antioxidants

Focus on skincare containing antioxidants, which help with a variety of things, including pollution damage, but also helps to prevent dark spots forming and reduce existing ones. This will brighten appearance, and give your skin a nice spring glow! Our face wash and moisturiser products contain a range of antioxidants, and vitamins that will do the job.


3) Don't forget the neck!

While many of us lather moisturiser on our faces, the neck can be easily forgotten. But particularly in Spring, after a season of wearing polo shirts, turtle necks, jumpers, and coats, your neck can be easily irritated and dry. So when you're moisturising (TWICE A DAY), remember to hit the neck area!


4) Lighten up the cosmetics

Swap from heavier concealers and foundation to a more lightweight mix if possible, allowing your skin to breathe and soak in the sun! Try our blemish balm for a lightweight solution that doesn't compromise on coverage!