See ya filters


After two years of lockdowns, many of us are becoming more focused on improving our skin health. Over-aggressive skin care, along with the OTT makeup look just doesn’t chime with 2022’s vibe. Here at ALTR our mantra is all about confidence: looking good helps you to feel good. But this doesn’t mean that you need to put so much make up on you change your look completely. The subtle look is always our go-to, but especially in the summer.

At ALTR, we pride ourselves on developing innovative makeup products that also cater to your skin care needs. This is why we develop make up that also has skin care properties in it. FaceFix, our global best-selling concealer for men, uses a unique formula that includes Supreme China Clay to help draw out impurities from the skin that gets to the root cause of breakouts. The natural waxes used in FaceFix helps to give a natural and undetectable finish. This is why we love it so much.  

At ALTR we think that enhancing your natural va va voom is the name of the game. Sticky foundation that leaves marks around your neck and ear line is not for us. FaceFix gives you the oomph you need to look your best without looking obvious. Since ditching filters is the beauty theme of the summer, FaceFix is your go-to product.

 Added to this, our Beard and Brow is the world’s only beard and brow filler for men and it is revolutionising how you deal with a patchy or grey beard. It’s a great tool for filling in patches and gaining definition. The mouldable gel formula glides on without leaving a residue, and its water and smear resistant, so you could even hit the pool this summer without having to worry. We love Beard and Brow because it gives a subtle finish, you will still look like yourself even if you wear this product, and that is the key to the natural look.

 The secret to this summer’s biggest beauty trend is that yoalready have it. Yep, you don’t need insta filters to look good, you look great already! There’s no need to slather on products that sweat off in the sun. Instead, stick to ALTR’s tried and trusty favourites, and you will look your best all summer long.