Q&A with skincare enthusiast Adam Lamb

Altr ambassador and skincare enthusiast Adam Lamb joins us today for our winter skincare Q&A. Adam has his own youtube channel which is linked at the bottom of the article focussed specifically on skincare products. 

Q: I suffer with rosacea, which tends to get worse during winter. I use Altr products to cover it up, which works great, but wondered if there was anything that could help longer-term?

A: During the colder months we turn up our heating to full blast whether that be in the car, at home and even in public indoor places. That inconsistency of going from the cold outside to the warm inside can take it's toll on our skin, especially people who suffer from Rosacea. Trying to regulate the temperature you expose yourself to will lessen the Rosacea flaring up. Try to take luke-warm showers instead of scorching hot showers and try not to blast the warm air in your face whilst in your car or in the office. There are some fantastic products to also help control the skin flaring up from the likes of Azelaic Acid which can be found from brands such as The Ordinary, Paula's Choice and Face Theory. Also, La Roche-Posay have a great line called Rosaliac that specifically targets Rosacea.

Q: With COVID i'm having to sanitise my hands often which is causing them to crack and sting, do you have any recommendations to avoid this or treat it?

A: Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. Hand cream or a body cream, which ever you fancy as long as it doesn't contain any fragrance, drying alcohols or any known irritants that may upset your skin and make sure it's thick. You can't go wrong with CeraVe as they are cheap, very accessible and have a brilliant formula. Altruist have a great cream with 10% Urea which helps aid hydration to the skin. I always pop hand cream on before I go to sleep so it sinks in to my skin and gets to work repairing the damage. 

Q: Do you recommend changing your skincare products season to season?

A: I wouldn't say you need to swap out all of your products no but reducing and increasing the steps absolutely. In the warmer months, if you have combination to oily skin like I do, I skip out my moisturiser with a sunscreen that has a few moisturising ingredients included so my skin doesn't feel thick and heavy. In the colder months when our skin becomes drier, I like to include a facial oil in my routine both morning and night.

Q: My skin really dries out in the winter! What products do you recommend to help with this?

A: As mentioned in the previous question, you can not go wrong with a facial oil. Oils can have a bad wrap because people think they will make our skin greasy and clog pores however, it's all about choosing the right facial oil for our skin type. Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil are great for oily and acne prone skin whereas Avocado Oil and Camellia Oil are great for dry and damaged skin.

Q: I suffer with super-sensitive skin, are there any particular products you recommend or ingredients to avoid?

A: Definitely avoid fragrances and essential oils as this can further irritate the skin. Fragrances also have a bad wrap, especially in the skincare community but it is really down to personal preference and whether your skin can take it or not. I would also suggest to avoid strong acids so for instance Glycolic Acid would be too harsh for sensitive skin users because of the pace it exfoliates the skin. If you want to try your hand at chemical exfoliants then look at Poly-Hydroxy Acids (PHA) which are usually found under the name as Lactobionic Acid or Gluconolactone. 

Q: Panda eyes concealers or treatments? 

A: Dark circles are pretty much always from genetics or signs of body health. Sleep, stress and diet can of course play a role in how our skin reacts and appears but no eye cream or serum will be able to instantly get rid of dark circles. For a more realistic solution, Altr London's Face Fix is the best concealer product out there on the market.

Q: What is your go-to winter skincare routine?

A: I change around my products a lot because I have a huge collection but it usually follows this style of routine:
- Milky, gentle cleanser.
- Facial mist
- Hydrating serum with a mix of amino acids or hyaluronic acid
- Gel moisturiser that is light weight but super hydrating
- Facial oil
- Sunscreen (even on a cloudy day)

Q: Any New products you love?

A: I have recently purchased a few products from Hylamide which is a sister brand to The Ordinary from the Deciem Group. Their SubQ Mist and SubQ Skin Serum are absolutely fantastic. I've also been using the Elemis Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter which is great. It contains fermented pumpkin enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin but I mainly bought it because I love pumpkins lol.

Thanks so much Adam, you can find more from Adam over on his youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6qmEPhqMNMLT3GvT7hJKg

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