September's rolled back around, and that means back to school, back to uni, and after a beyond crazy year, for many of us it's back to the office. This also means back to public life unfortunately for those of us that have hid behind instagram filters for the last 6 months! But with the fresh year means a chance to re-fresh our skincare routine.

We're gonna just hit you with the 2 holy commandments of skincare for now to make it simple AF. Then, when you're ready, we'll be back with the 52-step routine 😉

1. Wash your face once a day with mild water, and a cleanser. It's up to you whether you do this in the morning or evening, but washing your face helps rid the skin of dead cells and day to day grime which help cause acne at the root. 

2. Moisturise, and preferably use one with SPF. Yes you may live in the UK where we seemingly used up our entire sunshine quote during lockdown, but even when behind the clouds, the sun's UV rays can cause lasting damage to the skin and speeds up aging. The great thing about moisturising is it's useful whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin. Make sure you moisturise daily in the morning, and again if you have a hot shower (try to avoid hot water on the face!) or if you exercise during the day (which dries out the skin.)

It's really that simple to take the first steps towards healthier skin.

Want to achieve a lockdown glow-up?

Coming back into the public eye for the first time after lockdown? Try our natural makeup for men collection, perfect for giving your skin that extra glow, without looking cakey or obvious. Face Fix, our men's concealer, is perfect for covering any spots or dark circles caused by a lack of sunlight during lockdown 🙈

Meanwhile our tinted moisturiser Blemish Balm can be applied across the face for a fresh-faced look, helping reduce redness, and brighten appearance.

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