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Do you find that you get overwhelmed by the number of products available nowadays? Or that you’re disappointed with what you’ve bought? Advertising claims don’t always live up to expectations, particularly in the social media age. So, to make life easier, our founder, Alex Doyle has handpicked his favourite products that will feature on the all-new “ALTR recommends” section of the ALTR website. And for the first limited batch we are offering more than 10% off each product, so you know you're getting the best price available!

These products have been tried, tested and personally picked out by Alex. “I always love it when I find a product that truly does what it says it will. Like lots of you, I’ve been disappointed by some products I’ve bought in the past, and had it a lot with cosmetics which was why I founded Altr in the first place! I always look for products made with high-quality ingredients, which are also easy to use. I don’t compromise and this is why I wanted to share my top picks with you.”

The first products that ALTR recommends include two top brands that you need to know about. The first is Salt Grooming’s Hybrid Hair. Alex says: “This product is perfect for me, a mixture of wax and clay, that’s lightweight, smells great and is doing wonders for my hair at the same time as thickening it and taming those flay-way strands. Hybrid Hair has revolutionised my morning routine, after washing I apply a small amount of Hybrid Hair and go, it’s that simple.

“The quality of the ingredients give me faith in the product, while its results make sure that I never have a bad hair day. Also, it’s great in the heat – the clay means that it soaks up any excess oil or grease, which has been brilliant for me this summer.”

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Secondly, an absolute gem of a brand, Triumph and Disaster. Who doesn’t want to buy a beach towel or a set of dice with their men’s grooming products? Alex certainly does, "The best thing about the brand is that it’s as good as it looks. Triumph & Disaster’s look is unique, a timeless mix of rockabilly and old-world glamour, but they keep delivering timeless classics, which is super impressive. My everyday go-to is their NoDice Sunscreen, because not only is it effective at protecting from UV damage, it also moisturises with an amazing lightweight feel to it that doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. The fact it's non-whitening is a major plus and not to mention the scent is to die for.” It's the perfect buy if you're going on a late summer holiday, but also for day-to-day use to protect your skin against sun damage and aging. 

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We will be rolling out more products into the range over the coming weeks. Check out all our latest recommendations here.

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