Altr's new beard duo is the perfect way to fill, colour, and define your beard. Here's our guide to making your beard look its best!

1. Start with a beard oil.


An effective beard oil is the perfect way to care for your beard day to day. Softening and moisturising the beard, it will also help long-term to make your beard look fuller and thicker.


2. Add Beard & Brow


Unscrew Altr Beard & Brow, ensuring there is a good amount of product on the brush, then work around beard using swift upwards strokes to fill out your beard with our colour technology. Start with a little, and build up as necessary. Then let it dry for 10 minutes before touching. The ultimate beard filler! 


3. Finish with Altr Beard Pencil


Our brand new beard pencil is the perfect finishing touch. Use the pencil end to define the edges of your beard, and fill any particularly arid areas. Then use the spoolie brush to help shape your beard into place. Then you're finished!