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Now that masks are compulsory when we go into shops and confined spaces in the UK and in many other parts of the world, it is time to rethink our skincare routines. Wearing a mask doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our make-up routines, however, there are a few tweaks that are necessary to ensure that we look our best, keep our skin in tip top condition and at the same time stop the spread of coronavirus.

Now that we are going out more and wearing masks on a regular basis, you may have noticed a change in your skin. It can get moist and sticky under a mask, which can lead to a build-up of dirt and grease, which in turn can lead to spots. “Maskne” has been coined to explain the painful spots that can occur as a result of wearing a mask.

What can we do about it?

Luckily at ALTR London we have everything that you need to help you avoid “maskne” and all of the unwanted side effects of wearing a mask. Here are our top tips:

1, Wash your face using ALTR’s Face Wash. It is made using extract of Acai, chamomile and aloe vera which will leave your skin feeling velvety and soft, just what you want to feel when you have to wear a mask. We recommend using this twice a day, morning and night. At £9.99 for 75ml, it’s also a bargain!

2, A lightweight yet nourishing moisturiser is perfect to wear under your mask and can be used instead of foundation in the summer months. Our moisturiser is water based, which will help to avoid blocked pores. It is made with a combination of witch hazel, cocoa butter and essential oils to ensure that your skin will remain hydrated. It is perfect for sensitive skin, and also contains sunscreen properties, so make sure that you use it on your forehead when you’re wearing a mask as the top part of your face will still be exposed to the sun.

3, Blemish balm is the perfect product for this new normal. A tinted moisturiser, it helps to conceal spots and cover dark circles, and if your face is irritated from wearing a mask then it can also reduce redness. The unique formulation of ingredients, which includes avocado oil and wheatgerm, helps to combat the root cause of breakouts, and protects skin from pollution. If you wear ALTR’s blemish balm then when you remove your mask, you can have confidence that your skin will look and feel great.

It’s all about the eyes, eyes, eyes

Now that masks are set to be a regular feature in our lives for some time to come, this makes the eye area the focus point. To ensure that your eyes and brows are looking their very best, we recommend two men's makeup products in particular:

Face Fix: this is our original product and our best selling men's concealer. It will help to eradicate dark circles under your eyes, to make sure that you look fresh and awake for every occasion. It is an effective way to cover any spots and redness and gives you a nice, natural finish. Supreme china clay is a key ingredient that draws out the impurities in the skin, so when you wear Face Fix you are protected against pollution and dirt that can be found in cities, and also the dust particles that are common in our homes.

Beard and Brow Tame: This is our newest product and will hit our site in early August! The Tame is the perfect way to add definition to your brows, which will give extra focus to your eyes when you wear a mask. ALTR’s brow tamer will help to
add shape to your brows and stray hairs will become a thing of the past. To top it off, our unique product will allow you to fill in any bare patches so that your eyebrows look their very best.

Now that masks are part of our everyday wear, ALTR’s beard and brow tame is a must-have product. ALTR is here to give you confidence that when you wear a mask you will still look and feel your very best, and you’ll be doing your skin a favour too.