The end of lockdown is upon us, from April 12th we will be able to go to shops, meet others outside and go to bars and restaurants to sit outside and enjoy a meal or a pint. These are exciting times, but they’re also a bit nerve wracking. If you ask a few friends, we bet that some of them will be anxious about life returning to normal even if a full return to normality is some way off, we can’t eat and drink inside until May. 


This anxiety can be linked to the fear of making too many plans at once, chatting and socialising face to face once more and, for some, a fear that they just don’t look like they’re ready to head out yet. But don’t fear, the majority of us haven’t been training for virtual marathons or eating clean and lean for the past four months. For some the pounds might have quietly piled on, and our skin routines might have dropped by the wayside a little. Just remember, you are perfect as you are, and if you feel like you need a lift, here are three easy steps to take that will leave your complexion looking healthy and glowing in just a few days.  


Step 1: water, water and water. Bizarrely, it’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re home all the time. But it really is the best moisturiser and anti-aging product out there. Get your two litres in every day in the days leading up to your first big date or pub or restaurant trip. You’ll look radiant from the outside and you’ll be doing your insides a favour too. 


Step 2: Sleep. This is the easiest piece of advice to give, but it’s often the hardest one to implement. If you’ve got into the habit of working late into the night, or if you just have to watch one more episode of your favourite show (we recommend Ted Lasso on Apple TV) then it’s easy to see why you’re waking up with dark circles and bags around your eyes. Don’t worry about it, ALTR’s face fix and concealer can make sure that your eye bags are gone in a flash. Also, now that it’s staying brighter in the evening, why not mix some of our concealer with our bronzing gel? A light dab of bronzer under your eyes, followed by a thin layer of concealer or face fix can brighten up your whole complexion.


Step 3: no appointments at the groomers: this is a big problem. Everyone wants to get their hair done or their beard trimmed at the same time. If you can’t get an appointment, or if you don’t fancy a long queue, why not do it yourself? Use our beard and brow gel to fill in any unexpected gaps. Self-grooming is likely to be a trend that sticks around for some time.