How to avoid the 'cakey' look!

Ever had an issue where Face Fix has started cracking under the eyes after a couple of hours? Cakey concealer is frustrating, especially when you're going out for the day, and it can be particularly common if you suffer with dry skin. So here's our top tips to avoid it.

1. Moisturise

Super important when applying any cosmetic products is to start with a good moisturiser/primer to stop immediate drying. Make sure to apply moisturiser across the face including under the eyes before applying Face Fix.

2. Stretch eyes upon application

Look upwards when applying to stretch the skin under the eyes. This allows for a more seamless application that stops product being directly applied into skin cracks.

3. Apply with clean, warm, fingers

Try using your fingers to apply under-eyes instead of a blender for tighter application. Start from the inside crevice and work outwards. Warm fingers will also help product bake softly onto the skin. 

4. Finish with a setting spray.

If still having trouble, a setting spray might be the answer! We don't currently offer one, but can recommend this one by Nyx. Simply spray on after applying face fix and voila!