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Finally the government has announced UK gyms can re-open from the 25th of July!

Exercise is awesome for your mental health, and can be great for your skin. It helps to reduce stress-related hormones such as cortisol which causes breakouts. However if you're not preparing your skin properly, sweat and dirt can cause breakouts 🙃 Here's some top-tips for avoiding breakouts post work-out.

1) Wash your face before and after going to the gym

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Going to the gym fresh-faced is the best way to let your skin breathe during exercise. Allowing your skin to sweat-out excess oils and dirt. Then wash your face again post-workout to stop any sweat residing on the skin!

2) Always Shower Post-Workout 

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 Sweat left on your skin allows bacteria to develop and affect your skin, causing breakouts and more. So make sure you're showering for your skin, as well as the smell 🤢


3) Always moisturise post-workout.

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Working up a sweat can also dry out the skin. So be sure to moisturise after exercise to keep your skin feeling as great as your body!


4) Avoid scrubs 

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Post-exercise skin can be tender, so avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the skin using a harsh scrub!