Ever been on the tube and just felt like the air was icky? 🤢
Marked the dirtiest place in the city, London Underground is polluted AF.
Scientists measure pollution levels on some tube lines to be 7 times the safe limit 😱 & for those wondering the Central line is most polluted, Hammersmith and City line the least.
Outside of the tube, The Guardian estimates that over 2 million Londoners are living with illegal air pollution, and the situation is similar across major cities in the UK and abroad. 
As cosmopolitans who love the city life, we’re not going anywhere. Fresh air in the city can be hard to come by, and as a London-based brand, we know that pollution goes skin deep.
As well as being awful for your insides, air pollution is a contributing factor to bad skin. Prolonged periods of exposure to pollution have been known to cause ageing of the skin, as well as inflammation, which can worsen acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.
To fight this, it’s important to take care of your skin in the morning before going out, and at night before bed. Antioxidants are a great protector against environmental damage, as is UV protection - both of which can be found in our moisturiser. 🙌
Cleansing your face at night is another good step to protect against pollution. Containing Acai Extract, our Face Wash helps fight the everyday effects of pollution. So you can take on the city-life, while we take care of your skin 😜