As the world starts to enter lockdown there’s going to be a lot of people in self-isolation over the next couple of months. The news cycle can get repetitive, and at times scary.

A lack of human contact, or even super-intensive contact with the same people can be really damaging to mental health. In China divorce cases have even reportedly spiked following a period of strict isolation across the country! So to try and help you avoid going stir crazy, here’s a quick list of things to keep your mind busy during these stressful and potentially painful times. Stay safe everyone✌️


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1. Call Friends and Family

Yeah normally phone calls suck, and everyone texts instead nowadays. But while in isolation hearing the voice of friends and family not in your immediate vicinity is great for peace of mind. Plus it gives you some time off from staring at screens!



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2. Meditation and Yoga

An obvious one but it’s hard to underestimate the impact meditating can have on mental health. Meditation is proven to help lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety. So find a Youtube tutorial and try to take 15 minutes out of your day to rest your mind.



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3. Read 

While you're taking time off from causing mayhem, you’ll likely spend a lot of time stuck at home, staring at screens. Try to give yourself as much time away from that as possible by reading instead.


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4. Plan that next trip

It’s important to remember that there is an end to all this, and to look forward to what life will be like following the pandemic. You’ll also likely be saving money while self-isolating, not using transport or spending money on the usual leisures like eating out or going to the cinema. So why not start planning that trip you’ve always wanted to take? Maybe just avoid booking anything for now before we get more clarity!


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5. Focus on skincare

And of course make sure you NAIL your skincare over the period, so you come out of isolation looking 💯


Stay safe everyone✌️

 Altr Team