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  • Anybody else going stir crazy yet? 🤯 We’re going to at least try and keep you entertained over the isolation period. So here's a guide on how to keep your skin looking it's best throughout isolation. The lack of fresh air isolating entails can be damaging to the skin long-term. Fresh air helps th... View Post
  •   As the world starts to enter lockdown there’s going to be a lot of people in self-isolation over the next couple of months. The news cycle can get repetitive, and at times scary. A lack of human contact, or even super-intensive contact with the same people can be really damaging to mental healt... View Post

    Ever been on the tube and just felt like the air was icky? 🤢 Marked the dirtiest place in the city, London Underground is polluted AF. ⠀ ⠀ Scientists measure pollution levels on some tube lines to be 7 times the safe limit 😱 & for those wondering the Central line is most polluted, Hamm... View Post