The Altr Ego

  • It’s known as "beauty sleep" for a reason. And, when we don't get enough shut eye, it can wreak havoc on our skin. Fortunately, Phil Lawlor — a sleep expert with memory foam mattress brand Dormeo — stopped by to clue us in on the science behind sleep and skin health, as well as share a few tips f... View Post
  • Altr Small Business Gift Guide

    Is it just me, or is gift buying TOUGH this year! Especially with everyone locked down at the moment. It's also more important than ever to shop small and shop local, with so many small businesses facing restrictions due to COVID. Consequently we've put together a short gift guide shouting out s... View Post
  • Q&A with skincare enthusiast Adam Lamb

    Altr ambassador and skincare enthusiast Adam Lamb joins us today for our winter skincare Q&A. Adam has his own youtube channel which is linked at the bottom of the article focussed specifically on skincare products.  Q: I suffer with rosacea, which tends to get worse during winter. I use... View Post